Friday, March 18, 2011

Journey to Agamar

With ECCC over, I can concentrate on other projects...namely all the stuff I put off to finish up everything for the con.

18x24" gouache poster (need to find the flash drive the scan is on)
6+ foot long Aurra sing rifle
Darth Stewie
freebie art 'trading' cards (see previous posts)
scout corset

Then somebody waved money in my face and I got a sweet commission! Marc the ARC wanted a scene fighting .... something in a foresty setting. Well, he provided me some back story of the character, Ordo, and I looked up where he was stationed that had forests. One place was called "Agamar", which according to Wookiepedia was/is 'The world developed a reputation as a rough planet where it was difficult to survive'.

I found no visual references to creatures, so I made up one. It's obviously based on dragons, but it has 6 legs. The first pair are only for grasping stuff and have sharp claws. The other pairs have toes that end in hooves for speed. It also has a set offalse eyes in front of the real ones and gnarly horns. Please George Lucas and art staff over the world, I mean you no ill will!

Here is the creature, which I called an Agamarahk cuz it sounded cool.

My intent is to make the final line art sepia then print it directly to a sheet of 150ld cold press watercolor paper for painting. Should be pretty awesome! On one hand, I leave for Scotland and Ireland next friday, so I don't want to push or rush anything, but at the same time, I'd really like to get it done before I leave...we'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Too busy to be tired

Man, I WISH!!!!

Darth Stewie's body is nearly done. He needs a head.

My Aurra Sing rifle is nearly done. Need to attach the sight and the cording, plus the should strap and ammunition pouches.

Scout corset pattern and liner are cut ready for sewing.

Garrison Titan trading cards are laid out, ready for 6 more images. Paul's TK and Robert's Starkiller are next. Katie is graciously donated her talent and art for a few slots.

The poster is coming along well. Mando is nearly done, as is the jedi. Just got the trooper and fog to do.

The con opens friday at 2pm. That morning I will go to Capitol Hill, scan the poster, print the cards and buy a white corset if the one I'm sewing looks like shit.

Man, I am so tired. I hope all this is worth it.