Monday, January 31, 2011

Trying to get the Artist in me BACK!

It's a new year, but I've been so emotionally burned out by drama with work, money, trip planning, cleaning, drama with a former art client, etc...I've had no desire and even less time to put into doing anything artistic. Thankfully the few creative juices I do keep in reserve have been going into costuming. Nicolette's Mara Jade and my officer are back into production...? With Robert's Starkiller done and looking crazy awesome and his thoughts on selling his very unfinished RC, he's started thinking about making a Mandolorian Merc costume. That's cool, but I'm kinda like "ohhh....I've got too much on my plate already!" Regardless, I love him and sketched out a paint scheme for him. He wanted to do camo, but the mandos have rules against that, so it's kinda green tiger stripes. I've also gone back to using my lunch time at work to paint more troopers. All the GT guys and gals have been so encouraging. I love you all!

Other things I've been doing is going to the gym twice a week, one of those being a training I can get from 26.8% body fat to <20% and look super awesome in spandex so I can make and feel comfortable wearing an Aurra Sing costume! She was in Ep. 1 briefly, watching the pod race, but is best known from the comics, the Clone Wars show and the Star Wars dance off at SW weekends at Disney World. As true to my sense of things, I started to obsess over the character (as I did with scouts, but I haven't with my officer).
I drew Rummy my fursona as Aurra and a sweet pin-up with gel pen(though the lower body looks kinda odd). George Lucas, please don't sue me, but there totally should be a Ladies of SW pin up book, and not by the GTG gals, cuz they're bitches (yes, I'm still bitter about them dumping me).

I also finished another ballpoint pen on colored paper sketch behind the register. It's kinda beat up looking because my manager crumpled it up and threw it in the recycling and it looked like bleach got spilled on it. I finished it and like it a lot! I did 5 others a few years back in the same style. This one was on display during the "Winter" show at Atlas restaurant (RiP) and it sold!!!

I also drew a tyrannosaurid, cuz dinos are awesome and I have this pipe dream of contacting the people at IDW comics and telling them how much I love the new Jurassic Park comics but how much the interior page artist sucks and how I'll draw the comic for FREE just so it doesn't suck. I'm not saying I'm the best dino artist ever (that would be James Gurney in my opinion) but STILL!!!

Happy year of the rabbit everyone1 Good luck, skill, love, etc. No more crazy pills for me and Europe in 2 months! Come what may!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The calm

It's been a pretty crazy time. I'm pretty fresh off Wellbutrin and have a new gym membership, so life seems to be stabilizing somewhat. We split the cost of a Kinect as our holiday gift to each other and I love the dance game, plus the Adventures game is great for breaking a sweat. The Garrison Titan t-shirt run should be finishing soon, the days although colder are gradually growing longer and wonderful things are on the horizon. Tickets have been purchased and deposits have been made on a 3 week trip with Robert and Tamara to Scotland and Ireland, with layovers in Amsterdam and Paris. The ciders that the 3 of us, along with other family have helped to create are on their way. The Triple Threat has been carbonated and rests in bottles. The other is clarifying in its second carboy. But the world is not yet at peace for me. I still have moments where I feel failure. A wasted degree and expensive education doomed to languish in retail, untapped, under appreciated. My desire to even create art languishes. At least I'm able to sketch every now and then. I remember in high school I fill a sketchbook in little over two months. My current sketchbook I started in spring 2007 and is far from full. I'm hoping this trip awakens something. I plan to bring my paints and sketchbooks like my Australia trip and keep a thorough journal. Did I ever share that here? No, I never even scanned them it looks like...*sigh*. oh well.

With the GT shirts nearly done, the group is moving on to the next project: COINS! Here are designs I humbly submit in hopes to get this run moving.