Monday, December 13, 2010

Much needed Vacation

I'm off of work 12/10-12/16 and I've used to time to sew, draw, troop, work on GT stuff, wrap, clean, sort, organize, nap, watch musicals, color and otherwise do things to help maintain sanity. I also had my *hopefully* last therapy session.

Here are the two pieces I finished during my time. One is the colored version of the T-rex vs. octopus sketch seen earlier. It's for Justin and I'm submitting it to and if it gets picked, I expect you all to buy one! I used Vector in Illustrator to trace it and make it look all clean.

The other is a pic I did wayway back in October. I drew it in non repo blue pencil ON THE DRIVE UP to Leavenworth. Then I inked it and ignored it for a month or so. Then I scanned it and made it sepia and printed it on fancy toned paper. Then over the next few weeks I colored it and JUST scanned it tonight.

I have to redevelop the drive and love of doing art I once had. It's not a depression thing anymore. I've resigned myself to the fact it will never be a career for me, but that it's barely even a hobby is pretty sad. Gotta get back into it. Thankfully on the GT orums, a few more troops have asked for paintings. I need to get on that.