Tuesday, August 31, 2010


No paintings, just graphics. A design I'm submitting to get made into a patch for Emerald City Comic Convention March 2011. Plus a graphic from months and months ago from feelyourboobies.com.

After talking with my good friend Wyatt about how Garrison titan needs to do a coin run (omg sooo bad) I was joking about a design with an apple, but it would look like a Death Star. then he said it would be cool to do a parody of the state seal, but Star Wars related. BRILLIANT IDEA!! I loved it! I LOVE it! I did it! Dear whoever did the original seal: please don't sue me! FYI 1998 is when the legion started and as far as I know, GT was one of the first groups, so there!

Oh man, I'm so tired now. Happy and tired.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I humbly submit

Right now on the GT forums someone mentioned putting together goodie bags for charity at Emerald City Comic Con March 2011. I volunteered to design the patch (I'm that kinda girl). Then some mentioned using the ECCC logo and then the whole project got shot down because we'd need the legion merch officer's approval and so on. One thing our garrison doesn't have is a merchandise officer. drivers the rest of us nuts because it's taken months to get to ordering the t-shirts (also designed by me), plus we desperately need another patch and coin run since we've had so many new members join since the last one. I'd volunteer, but I'm not good at handling money (yet I'm Jewish).

Aneeways... I took the .gif of the official ECCC logo from their site (don't kill me), did a vector version of it using Illustrator (love it) and then did a vector version of the imperial cog (which is a common motif in 501st swag...duh) and reused the vector of the star destroyer I made for the shirt, slapped on some text, futzed with colors, and voila! Hopefully, we can move on this!

My neck hurts and I'm seepy....but I've improved my mood. Creativity usually does that!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

One more trooper

I'm so pleased with the work I'm doing. I'm not expecting it to turn into any sort of sweet gig with Lucas or any of his affiliates or licensees (though that would be TOTALLY AWESOME and I'd work for minimum wage just to get in the door). I'm just doing this for fun.

This is Matt. He's Commander Cody, who's a clone trooper from Ep3. He's yellow and wears an English/Irish wool cap, like cab drivers who are white seem to wear. He isn't a cab driver, but a gal pal and I started calling him Cabby Trooper and it's a cute nick name for a fun guy and it stuck.

I added a bit of humor to it since I've been awaiting pics from my garrison mates for the next series of pics, and kept waiting and waiting, so I just did this for fun. The text says TAXI in Arek-Besh which is Imperial star Wars language.