Saturday, January 14, 2006

Not really insomnia, but what the hey!

So, today has been pretty okay. I made my various project to-do list. Finished Gold Panda's logo design ideas and tried to email them to him but can't find his email anywhere. Poop! So I cleaned my art room AGAIN, matted my mom's artwork, applied to jobs from Craig's list and went to see my cousin for her birthday. we had mexican food. It wasn't too bad. I think I left my leftovers in my folk's car. Got cute new panties from Target and my required text for class, which is pretty neat and came home. Jakey is here and lil' and her military friend and Peter are here. I just just finished a pic on photoshop of the panda's for andy (gold) panda's 30th b-day, which I missed. Hence the picture. Kender/ Gabe (blue) panda, says he isn't a panda, but a siamese. At Conifur they had matching blue and gold ears and Chinese shirts. It was really cute! Tomorrow is zoo and Rustycon! woot! Here's the picture! I hope you see it Panda!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Holy Fok...insomnia!

It's funny. I think Blogger is my favorite, but NO ONE reads it or knows it's here. Lameass. So, I was bored and not yet tired and thought "Hey, my friend Josh has a neato South Park ison of himself. I want one." I went to the actual South Park creat a character deal and made one. My original I saved as a screen shot but it saves automatically as a pdf which won't post here. It wasn't as me as I'd like, so I took it into photoshop. I came out with me, Essence, Rummy and Izzy, whose is the funnest. Enjoy!

sooo tired!